Claremont Wealth Careers

There are two major roles that Claremont are actively seeking applicants :


  1. Financial Advisors - Internationally certified financial advisors are welcome to apply, we look for driven individuals that can micro manage teams and ensure a fluid system is in place for dealing with client requests. The ability to communicate within the company system and to make sure the best possible advice is given to client at all times.

We are seeking both level 3 internationally qualified advisors and level 4 RDR compliant wealth managers, A minimum of three years experience is required.

  1. Business Development Managers - This role entails the daily initiative to grow the companies client base, the active management of the business process and daily communication with clients, both new and existing. This role can only be fulfilled by those who can manage their own time efficiently, a fantastic team of support in both knowledge and motivation have helped Claremont grow and will prove indispensible to new BDM’s joining Claremont Wealth.

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